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South Side Riverfront Trail

Recreational access through one of Pittsburgh’s most historic neighborhoods

  • The bustling South Side neighborhood connects to Pittsburgh’s riparian trails via the South Side Riverfront Trail, creating access for cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Interpretive signage along the SouthSide Riverfront Trail is an asset to recreational users


This trail along the south shore of the Monongahela River bring residents right down to the water.  A welcome five-mile route for hikers, cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts, the SouthSide Riverfront Trail begins in the South Side Riverfront Park at the end of 18th Street and continues to 9th Street near Station Square. The trail also connects to picnic space, a public boat launch and canoe launch.

Along this green oasis, strollers share space with bicycles as a new generation learns the pleasures of fishing and riverfront recreation.

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South Side Riverfront Trail
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