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South Shore Riverfront Park

Extending the South Side’s most exciting development to the water’s edge

  • View of the landscaped path, bleachers and lawn areas leading up from the riverfront to the upper plaza by Hofbrauhaus restaurant.

  • South Shore Riverfront Park is an important connection in Pittsburgh's riverfront park and trail system

  • Formerly a brownfield industrial site, South Shore Riverfront Park now extends the SouthSide Works retail complex down to the river. Visitors to the Park enjoy live music, riverfront dining and watercraft access.

  • Groundbreaking for South Shore Riverfront Park, July 2009. From left to right: Rick Belloli, South Side Local Development Company; Damian Soffer, Soffer Organization; Mayor Luke Ravenstahl; Rob Stephany, Urban Redevelopment Authority; and Lisa Schroeder, Riverlife.

  • The Park features ample public space, a public dock, entertainment facilities, and a connection to the SouthSide Riverfront Trail and Hot Metal Bridge.

  • A unique tensile structure covers the event stage, and a fogger adds dramatic flair to the performances onstage.

  • A view from the Hot Metal Bridge, which now connects down to South Shore Riverfront Park via an access ramp.

  • These ingots are reminders of the site's steel past, and stand upright as a unique interpretive element at the Park.

  • The riverfront dock opened to the public in October 2013, providing waterfront access where there previously was none for generations.


At the SouthSide Works in Pittsburgh's South Side neighborhood, a former steel mill barge dock has been converted to a riverfront park in an innovative project that straddles a railroad tunnel and overcomes a 40’ drop in elevation to provide access to the Monongahela River. The new park provides a welcoming link to Pittsburgh’s “creative class” who live, work, and shop at the SouthSide Works. Switchback terraces connect upper and lower plazas to create an exciting outdoor public space for recreation, relaxation and special events.

South Shore Riverfront Park also serves as an important connection for the Great Allegheny Passage and Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

Check out photos of the May 2012 ribbon cutting ceremony and musical celebration event at our Facebook page.

Key Elements of South Shore Riverfront Park:

The Upper and Lower River Trails

The cycling and pedestrian trail through the Park will be divided into upper and lower sections.  This will create linear trail connections at both the water level and immediately adjacent to the development, and provides uninterrupted trail access during events at the Event Stage. Currently, the Upper Trail (which runs through the stage and the foggers/misters) is complete. The Lower River Trail will be completed along with the final marina and river landing phase in 2013.

The Piazza
The Piazza serves as the front door to the Park when entering from the SouthSide Works retail area, and as the entry portal for the Hofbrauhaus restaurant and development in the planning phase.  Vehicular access is provided for drop-off and pick-up.  The ornate Italianate kiosk is provided for distribution of information and services.

Event Stage
A large stage area with an overhead tensile structure is situated along the Upper Trail, provided for outdoor events.  Larger events can be held here, and the switchback and stairs between the Piazza and the Riverlanding can be used for spectator seating.

The valley connecting the SouthSide Works development and the riverfront, this area is bracketed by the Upper and Lower Stages and connected by a landscaped switchback ramp and stairs.  Alternating sections of lawn and stairs serve as spectator seating during events.

Passageways through a bulkhead wall along the river provide access to the waterfront. Seating, lighting and landscaped areas accompany tie-ups for large and small motorized boats.Completed and open to the public as of October 2013.

A pair of overlooks allow trail users to pause and enjoy the spectacular views of the Monongahela River. 

Special Elements and Amenities
A number of special features can be found throughout the park.  These include public art installations, interpretative features, a mister/fogger for cooling down trail users and other elements that pay tribute to the site's historic past.

Project Partners

City of Pittsburgh
Urban Redevelopment Authority
Department of Public Works
The Soffer Organization
South Side Local Development Company



Pop City: Construction begins on $12M South Shore Riverfront Park
Riverlife Press Release: American Eagle gives $50,000 to SouthShore Riverfront Park
CBS Pittsburgh: South Shore Riverfront Park nears completion
Business Times: South Shore Riverfront Park opens

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South Shore Riverfront Park
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